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Aruba Mobile Engagement
Scale beacon deployments over any Wi-Fi with the new Aruba Sensor

Venues comes to life with location-aware mobile apps that provide indoor turn-by-turn navigation, contextual marketing, and a personalized guest experience.

Put the glowing blue dot on your venue’s indoor map

With wayfinding built into your Meridian-powered mobile app and Aruba Beacon hardware, you can guide guests with real-time, indoor navigation to nearby amenities, products or points of interest.

Get personal with location-aware push-notifications

When guests download your Meridian-powered mobile app, you can send them personalized, push-notifications based on their real-time location and opt-in preferences. 

Redefine experiences with mobile apps created by Meridian Engage Partners

Using Aruba Meridian and Beacons, our Engage Partners are helping us personalize experiences – from stadiums to conference room use – and everywhere in between.

Mobile Engagement:

App Platform

App Platform

Build a better mobile app for your venue.

Meridian is a mobile-app software platform from Aruba that allows public-facing enterprise venues to create or improve mobile apps that engage visitors on their mobile devices.

Aruba Beacons

Aruba Beacons

Bring real-time location context to your mobile apps.

Aruba Beacons leverage Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology to power indoor location and wayfinding, and proximity-aware push notifications at enterprises, stadiums, hospitals and other public venues.

Aruba Tags

Aruba Tags

BLE-powered Asset Tracking

Aruba’s asset tracking solution helps organizations increase staff efficiency, reduce equipment costs and improve customer satisfaction. Businesses can track assets by leveraging the value of their BLE-enabled Aruba WLAN infrastructure and BLE-based Aruba Tags.

Aruba Sensor

Aruba Sensor

Large-scale beacon deployments just got simpler.

Aruba Location Services, powered by Aruba Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons can now be centrally and remotely managed with Aruba Sensor or over Aruba Wi-Fi.

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