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Aruba Cloud-Managed Networking
Improve IT agility and efficiency

Cloud-Managed Networking

Cloud capabilities increase scale, drive agility, and speed the delivery of new services. This helps IT teams address increasing hybrid workplace challenges, travel restrictions, and budget demands.

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Explore the ROI of cloud-managed networking


What is cloud-managed networking?

When it comes to managing a network, you might hear cloud-managed, cloud-based, or cloud-native references.

Cloud-managed, or cloud-based networking provides the visibility, management, and scale needed to operate today’s distributed cloud and on-premises network, security, and location infrastructure, as well as user-specific services.

  • Network capabilities and resources are hosted in a public or private cloud platform, managed in-house or by a service provider, and available on demand.
  • Today’s highly mobile users and applications demand the performance, security, and management provided by cloud networking flexibility and scale.
  • Cloud-managed networking also offers IT efficiencies and cost savings for office spaces, schools, work from home environments, and healthcare and public venues.


Key benefits of cloud-managed networking

Cloud-managed networking solutions offer capabilities such as zero-touch provisioning, GUI-driven configuration wizards, and live firmware upgrades. These features help network admins deploy new sites faster while making ongoing change windows far more efficient and error-free.

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When considering a cloud-based management solution, look for capabilities such as built-in, AI-powered network troubleshooting with automated anomaly detection, per site optimization, and client profiling features. Aruba Central offers these essential features and more.

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Cloud-managed software makes it easier to protect the network while ensuring users have fast, secure access no matter how or where they connect. Replace static VLANs and ACLs with intent-based policy automation and orchestration, intuitive access controls, and AI-based discovery and profiling of all connected clients.

With cloud networking, software updates for core management features are automatic. New features and functionality are continuously developed and automatically delivered, allowing IT to focus on introducing new services, instead of planning for downtime.

Cloud-managed networking is ideal for utilizing advanced technologies such as AI-powered optimization and endpoint profiling features because they’re easily added without the need for physical compute and storage. And it’s as simple as putting your cloud ready infrastructure under subscription to get started.

Read the solution overview (PDF)


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