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Aruba Wireless Network Software
Enhanced network operating system for today’s digital workplace

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The secure, scalable operating system for today’s Wi-Fi

Advanced AI and machine learning

Delivers better coverage by adapting automatically to changing RF conditions in real-time. Dynamically provides ongoing band steering and spectrum-load balancing to optimize user experience.

Policy enforcement and secure segmentation

Defines proper access privileges for employees, guests, contractors, and other user groups by centrally configuring and automatically enforcing role-based policies across wired and WLANs.

Support for cellular roaming

Built on the technical foundations of Passpoint® and Wi-Fi Calling, Air Pass extends cellular coverage, creating a roaming network across the Aruba enterprise customer footprint.

Extensible APIs

With extensible APIs to critical applications like Splunk and ServiceNow, ArubaOS streamlines network tooling.

Optional gateways

Deploy optional gateways for enhanced security, scalability, and seamless roaming across Layer 2/Layer 3.

Powering high-performance, secure Wi-Fi networks

Simplified management and greater visibility deliver 24/7 reliability for campus, branch, and hybrid workplace environments.

Providing the highest levels of security with policy enforcement across wired and wireless environments, Dynamic Segmentation keeps traffic separate and secure.

Discover Dynamic Segmentation (PDF)

Engineered for mission-critical environments, ArubaOS provides clients and IoT devices with always-on connectivity and seamless roaming, even during upgrades.

By applying machine learning and advanced analytics, ArubaOS guarantees performance for latency-sensitive applications, while optimizing Wi-Fi power, channels, connections, and bandwidth across the network using Air Slice.

What is Air Slice? (PDF)

Aruba wireless operating system simplifies the deployment and upgrade of wireless networks, meeting the needs of remote workers, branch offices, and large campus environments. With zero touch provisioning, no onsite personnel is required. Smaller sites can opt for Instant mode to support cost-effective, AP-only environments.


Introducing our next-generation operating system

Working in tandem with Aruba Central, cloud-native ArubaOS 10 (AOS 10) delivers greater scalability, security, and AI‑powered optimization across large campuses, branches, and remote work environments.


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